February Rompecabeza


Hey puzzlers! February’s #DSCRompecabeza is brought to you by our friends at American Mensa. Teaming up with the world’s oldest I.Q. organization seemed only logical considering our members are already some of the smartest people in all the lands. That’s why, from now on, we’re only providing puzzles befitting their exceptional intellects. So don’t expect to be doing any connect-the-dots, okay?

So without further ado, the answer to this month’s #DSCRompecabeza:

A tough one, eh? Here’s how we got to the bottom of this puzzle:

1.   Convert the hypothetical six digit number into consecutive letters in the alphabet, ABCDEF. It’ll help, we promise.

2.   The two biggest clues to get you started are that the first digit is one more than the third (A = C +1), and that the sum of the second and third digits is equal to the first (A = C + B). From this we can determine that B = 1.

3.   If B=1 then solve for the fourth and sixth digits using the clues from the puzzle. You should now be left with A, 1, C, 2, E, 3.

4.   The third digit is one more than the 5th, and since the first digit is one more than the third we’re left with E+2, 1, E+1, 2, E, 3 = 30, or 3E + 9 = 30. Solve for E and your answer is 918,273. Tada!

That does it for this month! Make sure to check back next month for answers to March’s #DSCRompecabeza.


 Puzzle supplied by American Mensa, Ltd. Learn more at americanmensa.org