The Leader of the Free World needs to use the bathroom every now and again, too. This Presidents’ Day, we look back at some of the memorable moments in the executive washroom.

Jefferson believed the secret to his good health was the cold foot bath he took
every morning until his death at the age of 83.

Legend has it that the 354-pound Taft required a tub in the White House that could fit
four average-size men. Otherwise, he would become stuck.

Coolidge employed an unconventional shaving accessory—a hat. He wore it when wielding
a razor to keep his hair out of his eyes.

Truman’s morning routine involved a massage, breakfast and shot of I.W. Harper
bourbon, bottles of which he stashed in his bathroom.

Johnson brought his power plays into the bathroom, where he forced his
speechwriters to take notes while he pooped.

Bush painted his baths, exhibiting a collection of self-portraits in 2014 that
included one of him lounging in the tub.