Full Moon

The lunar eclipse on April 4 got us pondering the moon--namely, the men who've landed on it.

The lunar eclipse on April 4 got us pondering the moon and the men who’ve landed on it. Turns out that in the nearly 50 years since man first stepped on the moon, he’s left quite a mess. All told, the 100­-something moon missions (two of which blasted off during the month of April), have left more than 200 tons of garbage in their wake. 


1 Feather from a Falcon: ​The Apollo 15 crew proved the theory of gravity by simultaneously dropping a feather and a hammer, both of which, of course, landed on the lunar surface at the same time.

1 Sculpture: ​In addition to leaving behind a feather, the Apollo 15 crew also left a more sentimental mark on the moon—a “Fallen Astronaut” sculpture dedicated to every space explorer who has died on the job.

2 Pairs of Space Boots: ​Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ditched their footwear in order to free up enough weight on their Apollo 11 spaceflight to return to Earth with as many moon rocks as possible.

5 American Flags: As of 2012, five of the six American flags planted on the moon are still standing. India attempted to plant a flag of its own in 2008, but its flag­-bearing probe was obliterated when it crash­-landed at a speed of 3,100 mph.

70-plus spacecrafts: ​Speaking of crash landings, the moon is basically one big junkyard of rovers, modules and orbiters from all of the countries that have attempted lunar exploration.

96 Bags of Urine, Vomit and Feces: ​What, were they supposed to bring it back to Earth?