How Close of a Shave Do I Need for Every Occasion?

Here’s the perfect amount of facial hair for life’s four most important events.

Close_Shave_Occasion (1)

A Hot Date
Grab your trimmer and whatever guard leaves your facial hair about 3-5mm long. You’re going for heavy stubble, because — according to a 2016 study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology — that’s what the majority of women found most attractive for one-night stands and short-term relationships, followed by light stubble, full beards and, finally, a clean-shaven face.

A Job Interview
A study published in The Journal of Social Psychology found that clean-shaven men were perceived as more personable than men with facial hair, which reads as gruff and less approachable. Of course, jobs can differ wildly and beards are more in vogue than ever, but if you’re seeking employment at a large, more conservative company, ditch the facial hair and go baby-smooth.

A Marriage Proposal
After the info above, this may sound counterintuitive, but that same Journal of Evolutionary Biology discovered that many women looking for long-term relationships found beards to be most attractive. It’s possible this is part of our evolutionary development, with more butch-looking men seen as more fertile. Or it could just be that dudes with beards are hot!

A Competitive Eating Competition
Shave as close as possible. Whether you’re shoving hot dogs, pie or chili down your throat, the more facial hair you have, the more likely it’s going to collect food and become a mess, which could slow down your eating. It’s the same reason pro swimmers shave their body hair — it’s all about streamlining.