How Many Gifts Can Actually Keep On Giving? Turns Out, It’s a Lot


No one likes it when their meticulously-wrapped present outlives its usefulness before the Christmas ham has even begun to coagulate. In the best case, we strategically pick the gifts we give so that they can be used for a long time—a heartfelt, if not less-than-subtle, reminder of your love.

Unfortunately, a lot of these “gifts that keep on giving”—like cooking classes and Netflix subscriptions—tend to be kind of cliche. Although, it is hard not to get excited about the idea of streaming the new season of Arrested Development.

But there are actually a wealth of novel ideas for gifts that keep on giving, and luckily for us, America’s oldest and most renowned publication, the New York Times, has been cataloging them. For years.

So we combed their archives, going all the way back to their first publication in 1851, to find all things that they’ve referred to as “gifts that keep on giving,” and trust us, there were a lot of them.

Perhaps not surprisingly, not every “gift” we found is, shall we say, under-the-tree worthy, but these were our favorites, nonetheless:

  1. Arizona
  2. “The Walking Dead”
  3. An Elmo Doll
  4. The 2009 A.I.G. Bailout
  5. The Rockefeller Tree
  6. Miley Cyrus, George Clooney and Bill Murray
  7. Post-meltdown Lindsay Lohan
  8. A Job
  9. The Chrysler Hemi V-8
  10. Pick Punch
  11. Ethicists
  12. The Fantasy Sports Industry
  13. The Republican Party’s Successes in 2015
  14. A Tea Party at the Washington Home of the French Ambassador
  15. The Romney Family Horse
  16. The Cannes Film Festival
  17. Michael Steele
  18. The Gliese Planetary System
  19. Randy Moss
  20. Bob Dylan’s 1966 Hiatus
  21. Sarah Palin
  22. Guilt
  23. Shaq
  24. “The Audacity of Hope”
  25. Peonies, Irises, Coneflowers and Lilies
  26. Dodge Magnum
  27. Ads
  28. Injuries
  29. Bin Laden
  30. Good Hires
  31. Taxes
  32. Tax Breaks
  33. Alex Rodriguez
  34. The Freedom to Marry
  35. Health and Well-being
  36. A Dig Site
  37. The NFL
  38. Failure
  39. Charismata
  40. A Clean Closet
  41. Invasive Species
  42. The Sopranos
  43. Royalty Relief
  44. Greek Wedding
  45. Streaming Channels

So, there you have it—take your pick. Or, this Christmas, you could give the real “gift that keeps on giving”: A Dollar Shave Club subscription.