How to Beat the January Blues

Ugh, January. Now that the holidays are over (and with them, the perfect excuse to eat, drink and party), how can you get excited for the next few months of winter?


Ah, what a party the last few months have been. You had loads of vacation time for the holidays, saw a bunch of old friends and drank enough liquor to erase your memory of the whole shebang. Wait, how did it become January?

Anyway, now that the holidays are done and gone, you have to muster up the motivation to work and work and work and work through the whole rest of the year until the holidays come back again, where you can rinse and repeat (but maybe go easy on the booze next time around). Crap, this is going to be a challenge. However, with the following advice from certified life coach Lindsay Jackson of Eleven 11 Coaching, we trust that you can do it (not really, but we have to say it, you know?)

Mark Your Calendar
One way to rediscover that sense of optimism is to plan something to look forward to, Jackson says. Your bank account may have been devastated by the holidays, but Jackson says it need not be an expensive vacation — it’s just something to get excited about. It could be a beer fest or a basketball game, merely something you can mark on the calendar. She also says to “do just one thing that makes it real,” like buying the tickets or requesting the day off from work (if you have any left after the holidays).

Detox from the Family
You’ve done the family time; you’ve forced a smile for a hundred pictures; you’ve listened to that same old story about the time your great aunt met Jimmy Stewart; and you’ve looked at enough photo albums to make your head spin in a sepia blur. So now, take a little you time. Jackson says to block off time to talk to no one, shut your phone off or let calls go to voicemail. Clearing your head and doing some self care will help rejuvenate you. Lord knows you need it.

Remain Grateful
Most importantly, Jackson says to “try to keep the gratitude going.” You spent a lot of money, but be grateful for your job. Your family may have driven you nuts, but be grateful that you have people who love you. To keep your thankfulness in perspective, Jackson recommends keeping a gratitude journal, or doing a regular social media post saying three things that you’re grateful for.

It might sound cheesy, but hey, we’re talking about your sanity here.