How To Have The Perfect Staycation (Without Becoming A Recluse)


Sometimes, you don’t want to spend your precious time off crisping under the blazing sun of a tropical beach, or trekking through exotic jungles for a glimpse of the 7,000 backpackers who got up earlier than you. Sometimes, you just want to spend a week on your couch, binging every Netflix show you haven’t had time to watch yet. But if you’re going to go that route, do it the right way…

The Thing You Should Do: Commit To Staying Home
If you’re taking a staycation, take a staycation. Don’t let anyone drag you outside if you’d rather be at home—your staycation should be treated with the same respect as a regular vacation, which means no going into work or fulfilling family obligations on your time.
The Guy Who Took It Too Far: John Slater
A former Royal Marine commando, the eccentric Brit spent a decade living in a small cave facing the sea on the coast of Scotland. He wouldn’t leave for months at a time, even though the tide forced him to sleep at the very back of the cave, where he would lie covered with crawling rats.

The Thing You Should Do: Clean Your Pad First
Even if you plan on spending a whole week on your couch, covered in a light dusting of chip and cookie crumbs, you still want to feel a little like you’re in a nice hotel room. Pick the place up and give it a good going over with the vacuum before you begin—you’ll feel so much more relaxed.
The Guy Who Took It Too Far: Howard Hughes
Legendary recluse Hughes let his obsessive-compulsive nature dictate his later years. His desperate quest for a germ-free environment led to his locking himself away from public view for decades, wearing tissue boxes on his feet, urinating into jars, and burning his clothes if anyone near him got sick.

The Thing You Should Do: Choose Your Staycation Spot Wisely
The perfect staycation means being in the perfect company, whether that’s yourself, your significant other, your BFF, or your pack of highly trained Bedlington terriers. If you have annoying roommates who work from home—or you still live with your parents—you may want to rethink those staycation plans.
The Guy Who Took It Too Far: Syd Barrett
One of the founding members of Pink Floyd, Barrett decided to quit the life of a rock star to spend more time by himself. He started out with the right idea, living in a London hotel room, but once his money ran out, he was forced to move back in with his mother in Cambridge, England. He would stay in her house for the rest of his life.

The Thing You Should Do: Enjoy Your Solitude
You know the nice thing about being at home by yourself? The “by yourself” part. Take the opportunity to unplug yourself from social media. You’ll suddenly discover all this useful extra space in your brain when it’s not being filled with constant updates about how bad the line is at Starbucks, like OMG you guys, for realzzz.
The Guy Who Took It Too Far: Christopher Knight
In 1984, Knight—having just graduated high school—took a walk into the woods of his native Maine. He didn’t come out for 27 years. He was eventually arrested for committing nearly 1,000 burglaries (his preferred way of feeding and clothing himself), but in the intervening time, it is believed he only interacted with one single human being—a hiker to whom he said hello, then quickly went on his way.