How to Match Your Mask to Your Style

That mask really goes with your look, bro.


We may end up wearing masks for the rest of our lives, so we might as well do our best to look good in them. But how does one apply the fussy rules of fashion to a measly square with ear straps? Here are a few pointers.

Establish Your Fit
Not only does a floppy mask look bad, it also gets caught in your mouth and slips off your nose while you talk. So, personal stylist and fashion blogger Vanessa Valiente says, “Wear a mask that fits you, and remember to cover your nose. The fit of the mask is vital both for aesthetics as well as the well-being of those around you.”

That may mean paying a little extra, but one quality mask is much better than a handful of glorified napkins with strings. “My husband and I have tried the basic, unisex, one-size-fits-all, combo-pack masks, and he’s not a fan,” says personal stylist Rayne Parvis. “They fit me, but not him. I’d go for masks with adjustable straps that have durability and an ergonomic fit. These will be more expensive than your basic cloth ones, but you’ll be more comfortable throughout your wear. The masks that have an ergonomic fit are great if you’re going to be talking a lot. They won’t go into your mouth as you breathe.”

Give Colors a Try
I like to wear all black as much as the next guy, but Valiente suggests branching out when it comes to mask colors. “I’m seeing a lot of black masks on men, which can look a little foreboding or not suit their hair or skin color,” she explains. You could “opt for a forest green or navy blue mask instead,” she advises, adding that these colors can be more flattering on some skin tones. As Parvis suggests, you could think of masks as accessories that lend a “pop of color” to your otherwise subtle outfits, “like a hat or tie would.”

But if you prefer more of a matchy-matchy look, Valiente says, “Think earth tones with earth tones, cool tones with cool tones and so on. For instance, an outfit with tan jeans or brown pants pairs perfectly with a forest green mask. Another good trick is wearing a printed shirt with a mask: Once you choose your printed shirt, simply pick out a mask that matches one of the colors in the print.” When in doubt, Valiente says, “A good trick is to match your mask to your pants.”

And Finally, Be Yourself
“Consider your personal style,” Parvis recommends. “If you like to wear crazy-fun socks, you’ll most likely like flamboyant, colorful masks. If you’re more of a classic man, solids, demure stripes and muted masks will better fit your style.”

Hey, whatever keeps you wearing it — even if that means sporting one of these bad boys.