How to Look Less Exhausted in 2021

Because we’re obviously going to keep feeling exhausted for a while longer.

Look Less Exhausted in 2021

Okay, real talk. Do you want to know the best way to look less exhausted? It’s to get good, regular sleep. It’s to eat healthy and exercise regularly. It’s to avoid caffeine and sugar and late-night snacking and fatty foods and booze, all of which contribute to your body feeling, and thus looking, like crap. Naturally, the first and foremost way to look less exhausted is to be less exhausted. 

But that’s no fun at all! So here’s the second way.

Start the day with a cold shower. We’ve written about their benefits before, but the main one is that it shocks your body out of drowsiness and into alertness. Cold water also narrows your blood vessels through something called vasoconstriction, which has the benefit of reducing signs of redness or puffiness. Plus, when you’re in the shower, you can thoroughly exfoliate your skin to get rid of yesterday’s filth, which will give your less red, less puffy skin a bright look — a look that says, “This man is fully conscious, although he still wishes he wasn’t.” 

Once you’re out of the shower, Phase Two begins. While you’re still damp, add your moisturizer, which will go a long way towards helping maintain your shower’s benefits for the rest of the day. 

Next up are your eyes, which more than anything else give away how exhausted we’re feeling, and thus need extra attention. Use eye drops to remove any redness in the eyes themselves first, then turn your attention to the puffiness and the dark circles beneath them. While there are some home remedies you can try (placing cucumber slices on your eye for 10 minutes, or freezing two spoons overnight and applying them to your face in the morning), your best bet is to find a good eye cream, perhaps one with a little bit of caffeine in it (like our Eye Savior! Just sayin’.) If you’re still rocking some dark circles afterward, you might want to think about adding a bit of concealer to your morning routine.

Now it’s time to address the rest of your body, or at least the part that’s visible to others — your clothes. The better-dressed you are, the more you look like someone who takes care of themselves, someone who could never have spent last night drinking gin until 2am. Wearing clean, possibly even ironed items of clothing will project an image of you far superior to how you actually feel.

This is the important part — looking like you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the outside, even while you’re desperate to crawl back into bed. And if one day you want to make the change to genuinely feeling less exhausted, you know what to do then, too. Sure, it’s not much fun, but at least the cold showers aren’t mandatory.