How to Look Your Handsome Best While Wearing a Mask

Half your face is still showing, so make it count!


Even during a pandemic, it’s important to look good — for yourself, that is. Because besides all the regular benefits of being attractive, grooming and making an effort to improve your appearance can help your psychological health, like you’re wrestling a small bit of control back from the world. One thing you can do is get a sharp, stylish mask, of course. But for the rest of your head? Well, that’s where we’re here to help. 

Let’s start with the basics, because if your skin doesn’t look good, there’s only so much improving upon the rest of your face can do. First, make sure it’s scrubbed clean: Use a deep hydrating face cleanser specifically designed for faces and their various oils and secretions, which will help prevent you from breaking out. Then, apply a renewing face moisturizer to keep your countenance from drying out and swinging too hard the other direction. If you’re not prepared to jump into the world of makeup, you might want to at least consider dipping a toe in — if you can find a concealer that matches your skin tone, all it takes is a dab to cover any blemishes that might be marring your allure.

They say your eyes are the window to the soul, but how much more important are they when most of your other face holes are effectively boarded up? First and foremost, get a good eye cream — it’ll help get rid of any puffiness or dark circles that might be plaguing the ocular region, and some even help soften the wrinkles that tend to pile up in the area. To go a step further, some judicious eyebrow tweezing can go a long way, as well as eye drops if your eyes look a bit red. But if you really want to make those peepers pop, the best solution is to wear something whose color complements your irises and makes them stand out. Do your research, buy your outfit, put on your mask, and let those bright beacons shine, baby.

Honestly, there’s only so much anyone can do about their ears other than getting a haircut that best flatters (or hides) them, unless you want to talk to an otoplastic surgeon about elective ear plastic surgery — which, uh, shouldn’t be high on anyone’s priority list right now, including the doctor’s. The best thing you can do is keep them as clean as possible: the outside, the inside, the lobes and most especially, behind them. Wash them thoroughly with soap, just like the rest of your body (a wash rag is especially helpful to scour all that dead skin off). And then moisturize them, too. People might not notice attractive ears, but they always notice gross ones.

Still sporting your pandemic mega-mane? It’s time to tame that beast. Find a trusted barber or professional hairstylist in your area that has the proper pandemic safety measures in place and book your appointment. Do not let a family member or loved one cut your hair unless they are a pro. Your eyes are the windows, but your hair is the roof, and a poorly constructed roof leads to water damage, vermin infestations and other metaphors for looking not-your-best. Tell your barber/stylist what you want, or what you usually get, and then allow them to use their expertise to maximize your do’s full potential for glory. You’ll look and feel like a new man.