How to Shave Around a Scar

Time heals all wounds, but until then, you’ve got to be careful.


That scar you got when you split your lip playing kickball in elementary school? Or the long line down your face that samurai gave you during a duel back in 2008? Chances are those scars have long since settled down and healed, and you can shave them without fear of harm. “As long as it’s not fresh, you can shave over it like normal skin, because it doesn’t grow any hair,” explains Bare Skin Studio owner and manscaper Melanie Mari. This means there’s no chance of your razor accidentally pulling on a hair follicle and raising the skin to be potentially nicked.

Fresher scars are a different story, though. If you have an angry, raised red line in an area you want to shave, you need to do so carefully, for obvious reasons. “If the scar is brand new and in the middle of a hairy leg, for example, I would use [Shave Butter to] butter yourself up,” says Mari. “Then, I would put my finger on top of the scar.” 

This protects the scar, effectively putting a wall over it that your razor can’t get to. Set your blade down against your finger and carefully shave away from the scar. Then move your finger and razor down the length of your scar and repeat, always pulling the blade away. Once you’ve cleared the area around it, you can resume shaving normally everywhere else. Then, finally, you’ll be ready to challenge that samurai to a rematch.