How to Shave Your Double Chin

When it comes to shaving, two chins can be double the trouble.


Shaving a single chin can be hard enough to get right, let alone a double, so we spoke with barber Asia Jackson about how to shave around that extra chin skin.

First, though, Jackson says men who feel insecure about their double chin could consider sporting a full lumberjack beard that hides the crease. She also emphasizes that the chinstrap beard is a bad look in this case, since it can further accentuate a double chin.

Those rocking a double who want to shave, meanwhile, should begin like any normal shaving routine: Wash with warm water and exfoliate with a decent prep scrub to remove any gunk — including dirt and dead skin cells — that could otherwise clog up your blade. Then place a warm towel on your face for at least 30 seconds to soften those whiskers and open your pores. Finally, lather with a transparent shave butter so you can see where the razor needs to go, which is especially important when shaving around a crease.

The most important trick when shaving a double chin, according to Jackson, is stretching the skin as much as you can. “Make it as smooth as possible,” she reiterates. That means, when shaving above the jawline, place your non-shaving hand on your neck and pull downwards, stretching the face-skin as you shave. Then, when shaving below the jawline, place your non-shaving hand on your cheek and pull up, stretching your neck skin as you shave. This helps the razor get inside the hairy crease without causing any small cuts.

Jackson also mentions that you can go with or against the grain — just know that while the latter might provide a closer shave, it can also contribute to the development of ingrown hairs. Speaking of which, as with any respectable shaving routine, you should apply a gentle post-shave cream afterwards to help soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin.

The only thing left to do now is give some love to both those beautiful chins.