If I Only Shower Once A Day Should it Be in the AM or PM?

What is the optimal time for a shower if you shower once a day? Find out here.


Is the best part of waking up a hot cup of coffee, or a steamy shower? Is your favorite bedtime ritual a soothing rinse, or a calming cocktail to take the edge off? In the end, it doesn’t much matter. Like the order in which you floss or the type of underwear you wear, the time of day you shower is a matter of personal preference.

Healthwise, says Shani Francis, a dermatology professor at the University of Chicago, “there are benefits to both.” If you use a lot of moisturizers, showering at night gives you the clean slate that allows them to work best—and keeps all those lotions off your daytime clothes. Night showers also get rid of the junk your body picked up during the day (as well as keeps that junk out of your bed). On the other hand, you might want to start the day off with a clean slate, particularly if you have oily skin or finicky hair.

In addition to getting cleaned up, showers can affect your body in other ways. Some people believe that a warm shower at night makes it easier to fall asleep; similarly, there’s a theory that cold showers help alleviate symptoms of depression—not to mention, help you lose a couple pounds.

If your preferred shower time is never, you do have some MIT-trained scientists on your side. The creator of AO+ Mist, a bacterial spray intended to replace traditional bathing techniques, hasn’t showered in 13 years. But unless you’re adhering to the prescribed regimen, we still recommend regular showers, morning or night. Otherwise, abstaining from bathing might cause you to remain abstinent in other areas of life.

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