Inside the World of a Professional Dinosaur Hunter

A look inside of Tyler Lyson's annual "dino camp," where Triceratops skulls are unearthed in the Badlands of North Dakota.


Tyler Lyson has been hunting dinosaurs his whole life. Growing up in a family steeped in fossil fuels, Lyson benefited from access to land and heavy equipment as well as a knack for finding prehistoric creatures. Every year, Lyson invites volunteers — average folks from all walks of life — to join him on a dig at the Hell Creek Formation in the Badlands of North Dakota, one of the most dinosaur-bone-rich areas of the world. MEL Films recently joined Lyson at the end of one of his annual “dino camp” excursions, where he dug up a completely preserved 7-foot Triceratops skull. Watch the film above for a glimpse into the real-life Jurassic Park.