Is Going Commando Bad For My Testicles?

Consider your testicles when selecting a pair of underwear.


Your testicles house the equipment that allows you to procreate and retain your masculine characteristics through the production of testosterone. But instead of getting the credit they deserve, they always seem to take a backseat to your hot-dogging penis. They’re like the offensive line of your anatomy—doing all the tough work without ever achieving star status.

So when it comes to the kind of underwear you wear, pick whichever pair makes your perpetually overlooked testicles feel most comfortable. Boxers, briefs or nothing at all—it doesn’t really matter. There aren’t clear advantages to any of them.

Yes, the science says that when your scrotum becomes too warm (or too cold), your sperm production can suffer. But the commonly held belief that your tighty-whities are the reason why your balls become hotter—and thereby lower your sperm count—hasn’t exactly been proven. In fact, the research is all over the place.

For instance, three different studies have come to three different conclusions:

  1. That underwear doesn’t affect scrotal temperature;
  2. That tighter underwear does make your balls boil (or at least get warmer);
  3. That higher temperatures associated with certain underwear do not affect sperm production.

What you wear under your pants (or shorts) really only makes a difference when you’re working out. Fitted underwear made from synthetic, sweat-wicking material provides support and helps prevent chafing. Just be sure to wash sweaty underwear after each use; otherwise, you run the risk of inviting jock itch into your life.

All of which basically means that aside for when you’re at the gym, show your testicles the respect they deserve and let them decide your underwear style. Do they want to be like Mike? Take a page from Bill’s presidential playbook? Or crusade for freedom like William Wallace?

They’ve earned the right to be comfortable, so give them what they want—after all, your penis is replaceable, but your balls are with you for life.

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