Is it Possible to Lose Fat Just From Your Face?

Sure — as long as you lose it everywhere else, too. So,


There’s a lot that we as human beings can put up with: Single-ply toilet paper (when you can find it); cable company activation fees; and, as it turns out, being cooped up in our homes for weeks on end — just to name a few. 

We can even put up with a few extra pounds here and there on our body — thanks in part to being cooped up, probably. 

But if there’s one part of our body where we absolutely, positively cannot deal with a few additional lbs, it’s on our faces. No one, and I mean no one, enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing a double, nay triple, chin staring back at them. Which is probably why there’s so much interest online about spot-toning (a.k.a., spot-reducing) fat in our faces. 

Is that kind of thing even possible, though?

Don’t think for one second there’s not an entire cottage industry attempting to lure you into finding out. Multiple products online promise to chisel your jaw and reduce double chins — not to mention boost metabolism and even reduce food cravings. There’s even a whole community on Instagram obsessed with gaining muscle and/or losing weight in their face, and then posting their “face gains” online.

Unfortunately, though, that’s all for naught, because despite what you might read on the internet, as Laurel Henderson, a resident in orofacial pain and oral medicine at USC  told MEL just last year, “There’s no such thing as targeted fat shaping.” Chewing on a rubber ball or saying “rubber-baby-buggy-bumper” 100 times really fast — none of that is going to cut fat just from your face. Sorry!

That being said, there is a way to lose weight in your face: By eating healthy and working out. That’s because our bodies, for as sophisticated as they are, are dumb. You might not be able to program yours to lose fat in your abs by doing sit ups, or in your glutes by doing squats or in your jaw by adopting a 10-piece a day gum habit, but you will program it to start losing weight everywhere — and everywhere includes your face.

So next time you notice your jowls looking a little jowly, or your chin looking a little double-chin-y, don’t reach for a pack of Bubblicious. Just start doing some burpees in your living room.