June Rompecabeza: Pyramid Game


Happy June, everyone! We’ve made it to the start of summer, which also means our new, redesigned Bathroom Minutes magazine comes out this month. You know, that cool, foldy insert that you get in your box with the facts about space trash and commencement speeches. If you haven’t gotten it already get excited—we’re pretty jazzed about all the great improvements we’ve made to it, and hope you will be to. If you have any comments or suggestions about it let us know at bm@dollarshaveclub.com.

But let’s get back to our June puzzle:

Need a hint? You’ll find one at the bottom of this post. Check back next Friday for the answer!


To find the missing number you’ll have needed to use three different mathematical operations: Addition, subtraction, and exponentiation. Starting with the upper left pattern, square the number in the left circle to find the number in the upper middle circle and then cube it to make the number in the right circle. Add the left circle number to the upper middle circle number and subtract the sum from the number in the right circle to get the number in the lower middle circle.

You got all that? If you think you did, then for the missing number in the bottom pattern you should have gotten

Hint to this week’s puzzle: There’s a famous bowling split that involves two of the numbers you need to move. Start there.