DSC Member: Torrey Tayenaka, Less Shower More Water


Showering every day might prevent you from smelling like a foot, but it also means using a lot of a finite resource—water. What if, however, you could keep clean and conserve water? Torrey Tayenaka doesn’t see any reason why you can’t, which is why he invented the EvaDrop Smart Shower, the first self-regulating, app-controlled showerhead. Torrey loaded EvaDrop with heap of features designed to limit gratuitous water use, meaning you can do your part to save our drought-ridden planet and still pretend you’re Robert Plant every morning (or evening).

Here’s Torrey on his love for being his own boss, how the idea for the EvaDrop Smart Shower came to be, and how you better be prepared to bring it if you want to challenge him to a cooking contest.

On his childhood business acumen: “I was entrepreneurial from a young age. When I was twelve I painted mailboxes, washed cars and even sold snails to my neighbors. I was a real tycoon.”

On his entrepreneurial spirit: “It never made sense to me to work for someone else. With a large company’s rules and bureaucracies, I always wondered what the incentive was to do something exceptional when “ok” seemed to get you just as far. I like having control over how I get rewarded for my work, which you can only really do when you’re the one in charge.”

On how his smart EvaDrop Smart Shower idea: “You could say I was having a shower thought about showering. It was really a thought about the amount of water that we waste when we shower, especially when we are soaping and lathering but aren’t using the water. I knew I had to figure out a solution. It took a few weekends flushing out ideas with some friends before locking in on our concept. We launched on Indiegogo and raised $50,000 in just 45 days.”

On his elevator pitch: “EvaDrop is the world’s first smart shower that helps users reduce their water usage and water waste.  It does this three ways: First, by detecting when your shower reaches the perfect initial temperature, and then shutting flow off until you get in. Second, by determining where you are and what you are doing in the shower—like shaving your legs—and adjusting flow accordingly. And third, by using timers and trackers to set goals, track usage against other users on our network.”

On why the importance of water conservation hits so close to home: “Here in California the majority of the water goes to agriculture, but residential still makes up about 17% of our water usage. I think we can make a huge difference, and not just in the shower, but also by being a leader in the conservation movement.  If you start and finish your day with an EvaDrop Smart Shower conserving water will always be top of mind, where it should be.”

On advice for young entrepreneurs: “The one thing I have learned is to go for it. Don’t be afraid of someone stealing your idea—just get it out there and start making things happen.  If you think about it forever that’s all you will ever do.”

On what he likes to do when he’s not working his tail off: “I enjoy yoga, working out, and cooking. love cooking for large groups of friends—I challenge any of my fellow members to make better pasta, pretzels or sushi than me!”