How Low Can You Go?: A Guide to Shirt Buttons


Each day us button-down shirt wearing folk are faced with the question: how low can I go? Is buttoning every last button lame? Is going full Keith Richards too… Keith Richards? Stop questioning your buttons and start wearing them proudly with this handy button altitude guide from our friends over at Combat Gent… 


The Air Tie
Why: Buttoning every last button your shirt has to offer is one way to officially show the world that you know what’s happening on the style front.
When: Hold off at the office, but try it with your favorite slim suit or when your casual look needs something a little less casual.
Watch-Out: If you’ve got a lineman-sized neck, it’s a possible choking risk.


The Single-Down
Why: Your daily driver when you’re not wearing a tie, this one looks as good on dad as it does on you.
When: If you’re wearing a blazer or a suit jacket with no tie, this is your best move. But if you opt for the Single-Down with a tie, do so very carefully. You risk looking sloppy if it’s too low or loose.
Watch-Out: Sans tie, you can’t screw up the Single-Down, we promise.


The Double-Down
Why: For those of you with longer torsos and necks, the Double-Down works well. But extra care needs to be taken when unbuttoning button #2; after all, you’ve gotta leave something to the imagination.
When: Ideally worn with no blazer or suit jacket—otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’re perpetually getting bottle service at a sleazy New Jersey nightclub.
Watch-Out: More bare skin requires more confidence.


The Miami Yikes
Why: Um, no. Or to be a little less succinct: DO NOT DO THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, regardless of potential for free alcohol or the magnificence of your chest hair.
When: Um, never. Not even on South Beach. Or anywhere else in Miami. Or Florida. Or the United States. Or the whole world.
Watch-Out: Um, the constant danger of being reported to the police.