Man Caves and Gym Bag Monsters: Everything You Missed This Week


In case you’re just checking in for the first time this week, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best stories from the last few days for you to peruse. We know, we know, we’re amazing.

Do You Really Need to Sleep?


In this edition of our biweekly podcast, “I Learned A Thing In The Bathroom,” we find out what happens when you go two weeks without sleeping, as well as discovering the surprising way in which our recent ancestors used to spend the night.

This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living: Here’s What He’s Learned


Sociologist Tristan Bridges has investigated man caves of every variety, from those used by straight and gay couples to man caves created by and for women. What they can tell us about relationships is fascinating.

Here’s Every Gross Thing Living Inside Your Gym Bag


Did you know that 30% of gym bags were found to have fecal matter on them? That’s not even the worst of it…

Couples Should Find Time To Eat Alone


Find out why it’s healthy to have a meal without your significant other once in a while.

Can I Just Manscape Part of My Body, or Will That Look Weird?


Fading isn’t just for the hair on your head: Learn how to blend your body hair with these tips from a professional manscaper.