May Rompecabeza: Shane! Solve this Puzzle!


You know what movie studios need to make more of? Westerns.

The Western is a truly underappreciated genre in contemporary film. Not a fan? Well, do yourself a solid and check out some of the classic Sergio Leone-directed Spaghetti Westerns. A personal favorite is Once Upon a Time in the West. That opening scene. That camera work. That score. If you haven’t seen it you might be surprised to learn that the music in a few of your favorite Tarantino movies will sound very familiar…

But enough about the movies…let’s solve a puzzle!

Question_inblog_cowboy (1)

If you need a hint you’ll find one at the bottom of this post. Check back next Friday for the answer!



Last week’s rompecabeza was one of our more difficult puzzles. If you had trouble with it, don’t fret, not a lot of people around our office got it either. The key to answering it was in the question itself: The word “coiled.” Meaning, to find the path the letters take you needed to think beyond right-to-left and straight lines. Of course it helped that two of the words are readily identifiable on the far left column and top row—rich and men. If you were able to find those words you’d have eliminated seven of the letters within the box, and gotten one-third of the way to figuring out the whole sentence. Here is the answer:

Answer_SNAKES (1)

 Hint to this week’s puzzle: High Noon, Unforgiven and Stagecoach all have this in common.

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