DSC Member: Lemus Dos, Sheriff Deputy By Day, Luchador By Night


The world has a right to know how amazingly awesome Dollar Shave Club members are. So every Monday, we spotlight one of them to give you a peek into their awesomeness. This week, we’re profiling Roger M., a DSC member since October 2013. By day, Roger is one of the good guys, working as a deputy sheriff at a San Antonio jail. But by night, he’s one of the bad guys, taking to the ring as his evil, masked alter ego, Lemus Dos, at independent wrestling shows across the country. 

It all started with my uncle, my inspiration and the original Lemus. He was a luchador—a masked professional wrestler in Mexico. When I was 12 years old, I was his leech. I went on road trips with him and carried his bags, sort of like a wrestling version of a roadie. To me, he and the other luchadores were larger than life. They arrived at the arena in these impeccable clothes—for them, it was like going to the office. But then they transformed into masked gladiators. I immediately told myself, “This is what I want to do when I grow up.”

Every summer break from school, I would make the two-hour drive from San Antonio to Laredo, Texas, before crossing the border to work out with my uncle. We’d get up early every morning and go to the gym—you know, the fun stuff. My parents, however, insisted that school come first. So I didn’t get my first match until I graduated from high school. I was nervous as hell. It only lasted five minutes—and I got beat up big time—but I loved every second of it.

To support my wrestling career, I joined the Navy. After I retired, I became a deputy sheriff, which I’ve been doing for the last 17 years. It’s sort of my Bruce Wayne persona. That’s why in the photos you never see my face: As a luchador, it’s important to keep my anonymity.

As a wrestler, I play el Rudo, the villain. I come out and tell the crowd, “Shut your mouth” and get an enormous reaction. I do everything possible to get that reaction. When I wrestle, I cheat to win, which the fans hate even more. The boos, man—they hate me. It’s the ultimate high.

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