Meet the Team: Andrew Rickards


If you’ve ever wondered about who exactly is answering your emails, chatting with you on our site, replying to you on our social accounts and generally trying to make your experience with Dollar Shave Club the bestest EVAR, well then meet Andrew Rickards.

We sat down with Andrew and asked him some totally standard questions. Here’s what he had to say.

Bathroom Minutes: What’s your role here at DSC?

Andrew Rickards: I’m the social media coordinator on the Member Services team. I train other Member Services Associates on how to assist our members via social media, and I make sure they are well fed and hydrated to maintain peak performance.

BM: What was the last picture you took on your phone?

AR: This little beauty—nothing like long walks on the beach at sunset.

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BM: Favorite snack in the DSC fridge?

AR: Corndogs (we need more).

BM: What’s currently playing on your Spotify?

AR: Big Wild, ASAP Rocky, and the Rolling Stones. And of course, the November Bathroom Minutes playlist.

BM: Nice! What’s one thing that not a lot of people know about member services that they should?

AR: Contrary to popular belief, we have actual people working the keyboards when people chat with us on the site, not robots. We gave robots a shot, but they became sentient and kept stealing parking spots.

BM: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

AR: There was some initial panic when I first looked at the clock, followed by the slow, happy realization that I’d been saved by daylight savings. Then I went back to bed.

BM: What’s the most frequently asked question you receive from members, and what’s the answer?


Question: Will these razors work on my balls?
Answer: Yup.


Question: How can I get an extra handle?
Answer: You can add them during sign-up, or from your account page afterwards.

BM: What’s one of the most memorable things you’ve ever done?

AR: I taught surf lessons to blind children. I think I was more terrified than they were, but by the end of the day they picked it up faster than most people with eyes. Blind kids can shred, and they gave some great advice for those who want to learn. One 8 year-old was like, “You just have to feel the waves, man.”

BM: Can you describe your favorite interaction with a member?

AR: I’ll keep the member’s identity a secret, but I can confirm that Bigfoot is indeed real, and a member of Dollar Shave Club. He told me he subscribed to the Executive to shed his mythical ape-man appearance, and now walks among us hairless and free. He also assured me his fur-ball children will do the same when the time comes. Bigfoot also loves One Wipe Charlies.