Meet the Team: Hayden Mills


If you’ve ever wondered about who exactly is answering your emails, chatting with you on our site, replying to you on our social accounts and generally trying to make your experience with Dollar Shave Club the bestest EVAR, well then meet Hayden Mills.

We sat down with Hayden and asked her some totally standard questions. Here’s what she had to say.

Bathroom Minutes: What, would you say, you do here at DSC?
Hayden: I’m a Supervisor on the DSC Member Services team. I help support other Member Services Associates’ (MSAs) day-to-day work in email, on phone calls and in social, as well as develop the strengths and careers of our agents. In addition, I do a lot of training, hiring, and quality assurance to ensure the best possible interactions for our Members. I also like to hop onto our Facebook page and answer Members’ questions as often as I can, too.

BM: What was the last picture you took on your phone?
H: This amazing picture of Mount Rainier and a full moon from my flight back home to Washington.


BM: What’s your favorite snack in the DSC fridge?
H: Does it have to be in the fridge? I always grab a banana and keep it on my desk until it’s ripe. My desk-neighbor (Nick Kohan, previous Meet the Team-er) gifted me a plastic banana for my birthday because I do it so often. It’s a great conversation starter for when people stop by my desk.

BM: What music’s currently playing on your work computer?
H: Frank Sinatra radio on Pandora.

BM: What’s one Member Services initiative that you’re really excited about?
H: Our interdepartmental chat shadowing. Other teams at DSC have a chance to live an hour in the life of an MSA on live chat and interact with our Members. It’s amazing because so many great improvements and projects come from these types of interactions.

BM: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
H: “WAIT… is it October already?? No. No it is not.”

BM: What’s the most frequently asked question you receive from Members, and what’s the answer?
Question: “Is this legit?”
Answer: As legit as it gets.

BM: What is your most bizarre talent?
H: I’ve never broken the screen on an iPhone. 8 years and counting, baby!

BM: Can you describe your favorite interaction with a Member?
H: We had someone tweet us that he loved our Charlies. I’d like to think I coined “We’ve got your back(side)” so I used that and he retweeted it to his 30k-something followers. I felt pretty cool that day.


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