MEL for DSC Magazine, March 2021

In this month's issue, we're appreciating you — yeah, YOU.


Mistook your monthly magazine for a pack of One Wipe Charlies and flushed it down the toilet? No worries, here’s the online version!

In this edition:

  1. An Extreme Pogo Stick Jumper on Keeping a Spring in Your Step
  2. How Appreciating Others Can Help You Appreciate Yourself
  3. Why It’s So Important to Celebrate a Birthday
  4. Can I Donate My Giant Winter Beard When I’m Done With It?
  5. Your Most Common DSC Questions, Answered
  6. How to Appreciate Your Member


Thank you for what, you ask? Well, for being you… and especially for being a member of Dollar Shave Club! It’s our 9th anniversary this month, and we couldn’t have made it almost a decade without your support. You’re the ones who made the last nine years possible — all three million of you! 

This month’s magazine is all about showing our members how much we appreciate them, so as well as having our crack team of Club Pros answer some of the most common questions we get here at DSC, we’re also going to give you advice on appreciating yourself (and looking after your own ‘member’). We also talked to a birthday clown and an extreme pogo stick jumper on your behalf. Why? Well, you’ll just have to read that for yourself and find out.

Again, thank you for being part of Dollar Shave Club, whether you joined us nine long years ago or just last week. You rule.

1 – An Extreme Pogo Stick Jumper on Keeping a Spring in Your Step

Spring is nearly here, so we asked Xpogo’s Russ “Danger Russ” Kaus to explain how to keep leaping forward in life.

Stay Focused
I’ve had the record for most stairs jumped in one bounce — that’s 16. But it took me a whole year to go from 10 stairs all the way up to 15. That’s only five stairs difference, but a whole year of practicing nonstop. When you finally pull something like that off, there’s not only the exhilaration of the trick, but also the satisfaction of having worked so hard and then achieving it.

Stay Passionate
I don’t do pogo-sticking every day, but I do it as much as possible. I do my work and my school, and then I finally get to do what I love. Keep [whatever] you’re really passionate about in your everyday life, even if you can’t make it your full-time thing. You need to pursue something that really gives you drive, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Stay Hopeful
I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world to do the thing I loved. I value that a lot and everything that it’s given me. We always tell kids when we do shows at their school, “If we can make money and pay our rent and bills bouncing on a pogo stick, you guys can literally do anything you want.”

2 – How Appreciating Others Can Help You Appreciate Yourself

Taking a moment to make someone feel valued has its own rewards.

It feels great to be appreciated, but it also feels great to appreciate other people. It’s true! In 2010, the journal Psychiatry pointed to research showing that people who demonstrate their appreciation for others, however it’s done, are themselves happier once they’ve done it. But why? Essentially, by pointing out someone’s good qualities or giving them thanks, you’re telling them about how they’ve enriched your life. This in turn means you’re focusing on something positive in your life, too, which will make you happier. 

However, that’s not the only personal benefit. Telling the people in your life how much they mean to you helps strengthen your relationships, both at work and at home. A Healthcare Training Institute study even found that people who show their appreciation for others on a regular basis are healthier and live longer than those who don’t, which might sound crazy, but the link between overall life satisfaction and longevity has been shown enough times for this to make sense.

If you’re uncomfortable telling someone how much you appreciate them, you don’t have to miss out — keeping a gratitude journal and writing about one person, event, or thing you’re happy you have in your life every day will have a similar effect. (And then you can always tell your diary you appreciate it, if you like.)

3 – Why It’s So Important to Celebrate a Birthday

In honor of our birthday, we asked Katie McGlynn, a.k.a. BEE BEE Clown (who knows a thing or two about birthday parties!) why you gotta party.

Is it important to celebrate your birthday, even if you’re alone?
Absolutely, especially during the pandemic. This is a tough time and many of us have forgotten to celebrate anything, but we need those small wins. I get on people’s cases when they don’t celebrate [because] birthdays are so important to us. They mark where we are in our lifetime, but they’re also a perfect opportunity to just say “yay” for yourself.

What happens if you aren’t celebrating your birthday?
I work with people sometimes who are fun-challenged, because they didn’t learn how to play when they were young, so they just go from task to task to task. You have something to look forward to or you’ll be miserable. We just got through last year, you know? If you don’t celebrate for a second, then how do you counteract all the potential burdens in life?

What are some good ways to celebrate your birthday alone?
Bake a cake for yourself. Have a spa day. Take the day off work, get on Zoom with people, dance with your dog. When was the last time you made yourself something crafty, like something to hang on your wall? If you’re not crafty, then maybe it’s a candlelit dinner by yourself with your favorite movie. It’s very personal.

4 – Can I Donate My Giant Winter Beard When I’m Done With It?

Absolutely! Here are four good reasons why you should save it after you shave it.

It Helps Clean Up Oil Spills
You know how your hair starts to feel greasy when you don’t shampoo it for a few days? That’s because hair is designed to attract oil, and that goes for more than the oil produced by your sebaceous glands. A pound of hair (which is admittedly a lot of hair) can soak up a full quart of oil in about a minute, according to the environmental organization Matter of Trust, which collects donated hair to clean up oil spills, as well as help keep storm drains and other waterways clean. 

It’s a Great Fertilizer
All hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein that contains a multitude of nutrients that help plants grow as the hair decomposes, especially nitrogen and magnesium. It’s the same stuff plants get out of other organic material, like composted vegetation and manure. The only tricky thing is that it takes a long while for hair to decompose fully, so it’s better for certain plants and crops more than others. There’s no national resource for donating hair for fertilizer, but ask your local salon — there’s a reasonable chance they’re shipping all the locks that fall on their floor to a local farm.

It Can Be Turned Into Art
You have no idea what kinds of things artists can and have used human hair for throughout history. It can and has been made into jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. It can be woven into pretty much any article of clothing, which more than a few high-end fashion designers have done. Dartmouth College commissioned giant banners made of human hair from Chinese artist Wenda Gu in 2006. And Hollywood hairstylist Ronald Thompson figured out how to craft it into a fiberglass-like material he sculpted into a surprisingly sturdy chair!

It Can Be Made Into a Wig
You’ve likely heard of Locks of Love, but there are many organizations who accept donated hair to make wigs out of it, especially for patients with cancer who have lost their own hair during chemotherapy. This is perhaps the best possible use of your old hair, but do your research — not all of them accept beard hair because it’s so much more coarse and wiry than head hair, and those that do often have a minimum length requirement that could be over 10 inches. But hey, it’s as good a reason as any to keep your beard growing until it reaches lumberjack length.

5 – Here to Help

Any time you’ve got a question, our fearless Club Pros are here to lend a hand! Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked by our Members.

Our Club Pros are here to make your Club experience run smoothly, so if you have a question about our products, your grooming routine, and/or your account, we’ve got you covered. We also like to have a l’il fun, so Live Chat us your favorite joke or vent about your personal life — we won’t charge what the doctors do!

Can women use the Ball Spray? If so, uh, how? Asking for a friend.
It is true that our Ball Spray can protect your man candy, but it’s also true that ladies can use Ball Spray as well. Female DSC staffers have said that Ball Spray helps with foot funkiness, bra straps, and inner thigh chafe too! Girl or guy, you’re gonna stay dry! — Club Pro Rick T.

Can I put Shave Butter on toast?
Don’t shave where you eat! Shave Butter is for the face, and toast is for the belly. You’ll always stay smooth with Shave Butter, and you’ll never go hungry with toast. — Club Pro Bobby R.

Can I mix the shampoo and conditioner together to make a two-in-one and save time in the mornings?
It’s best not to DIY it — strange as it sounds, shampoo and conditioner actually contain opposing ingredients. Shampoos usually have negatively charged ingredients, while conditioners typically contain positively charged ingredients, which work to neutralize those negative charges in shampoo that create flyaways. When you mix them up the wrong way, they pretty much cancel each other out. Scientists spend a long time getting the balance of ingredients perfect in a 2-in-1 so that they play nice, so let’s leave the science to the scientists. Give our 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner a shot instead of creating your own potions! — Club Pro Zain N.

Are there any other uses for a One Wipe Charlie besides…well, you know…
Believe it or not, you can also keep your sneakers looking amazing with these bad boys (but remember to do a spot test somewhere discreet first!) You could even use one to clean a table surface, or wear as a hat. YOLO — Club Pro Kurtis K.

What’s the difference between the antiperspirant and the deodorant, anyway?
They actually do completely different things! Antiperspirants contain compounds that mix with sweat (or any other moisture found on the skin) to essentially form a gel-like plug that blocks the sweat glands and causes them to shrink. The more pores this mixture plugs, the less you’ll sweat (of course, this so-called plug is temporary — it’ll eventually come off as the skin sloughs, and your pits will proceed to make it rain until you reapply).

Deodorant, meanwhile, doesn’t do anything to keep you from sweating. Instead, they tend to contain ingredients that kill off the odor-causing bacteria in your armpit — the little critters that feed off of the moisture there and produce that funky smell — before they have a chance to stink up the area.

In short: Antiperspirant is the perfect thing for someone trying to stop sweating and smell great. The deodorant is the perfect choice for someone expecting to sweat but wants to smell amazing anyways! — Club Pro Erin J.

Someone said I should keep my Eye Savior in the fridge. Are they just a crazy person?
Yes, they are a crazy person, but they’re not wrong! We always suggest you store your Eye Savior in a cool and dry place. Just don’t spread this on a bagel! — Club Pro Elizabeth C.

Should I be using the four-blade or the six-blade razor?
Either way you go, you’re getting a great shave. The six-blade is the perfect blade for someone who shaves regularly, and wants the blade to slide as gently and easily over the skin as possible, which helps to maintain smoother skin. (The trimmer blade on the back of the cartridge is also great for lining up and getting into tight spots, like under your nose.) The four-blade has a little more spacing in between the blades, so if you have thicker hair, or you tend to wait longer between shaves, it’ll slice through the hair more easily. 

Whichever razor you choose, be sure to rinse it thoroughly after each stroke: Not only does it take more passes to achieve a close shave when your blade is clogged with hair and Shave Cream, the extra pressure and friction necessary to shave with a clogged blade can cause razor bumps and irritation. So rinse ‘em off! — Club Pro Geoff D.

6 – Oh FAQ: How Do I Appreciate My ‘Member’?

Membership has its privileges, but it also has its responsibilities!

1. Keep It Tidy: We all know that when we look good, we feel good, so give your member a boost by putting it in its metaphorical Sunday best with a bit of manscaping. Even a bit of tidying up can do wonders for its appearance, so take a hot shower to soften those coarse hairs and then use clippers to tame the area to your satisfaction. If you want to go all the way, apply Shave Butter, stretch out the area, then carefully do your shaving.

2. Keep It Cared For: Even the most practiced manscapers can have an accident now and again, so you need to know how to take care of your bits in case they get injured. Apply pressure to any minor nicks or cuts down there to help stop the bleeding, then tenderly wash it with soap and water. Don’t bother with an adhesive bandage — it’ll never stay on — but an antibiotic gel should help.

3. Give It an Exam: One of the keys to sexual health, as well as overall physical health, is regularly giving your scrotum a self-examination for lumps, hard spots, sore spots, or swelling. Testicular cancer affects about one male out of 270, and it’s one of the most curable cancers out there — as long as you catch it early enough. These lumps can be as big as a grape but also as tiny as a pea, so if you find anything unusual, see your doctor ASAP.

4. Give It Another Exam: Sorry to repeat ourselves, but it’s worth hammering this part home. In addition to checking your scrotum, you also need to examine your penis at the same time. You’re still looking for lumps or unnatural hard spots, as well as open sores, which are potential signs of cysts, ulcers or genital warts. They could also be cancerous, although thankfully that’s rare. Still, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Keep It Healthy: Maybe it’s better to say, “put it to good use.” Although the research is by no means conclusive, studies have shown that having an orgasm may reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, whether you’re with a partner or flying solo. Blood flow increases during sexual activity, which carries more oxygen to the brain. Plus, studies have also indicated men who orgasm regularly are less likely to get prostate cancer, and more likely to live longer! Now there’s a reason for really appreciating your member on the reg.

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