Mom Shaves the Day—When Mom, Not Dad, Teaches You How to Shave


Your mom might not shave her face, but that doesn’t mean she can’t teach you how to shave yours. That’s what we learned when we asked a bunch of guys on Reddit what their mothers taught them. Our favorites from the more than 3,000 responses are below (along with a few others we found floating around the internet). Because, as it turns out, there really is nothing mom can’t do.

“I was 14 or 15. We laughed at my face all covered in gel. As I shaved my upper lip she said, ‘Ooh watch your lip there!’ which actually made me jump and cut myself. To this day I’m hyper aware of cutting my upper lip.” —/u/Duck_with_a_monocle

“My mom teaching me how to shave was an accident, but I’m glad it happened. She walked in on me attempting to do it myself, and luckily stepped in. If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably still be shaving against the grain.” /u/Lemmon-714

“She was wrong about everything (100 percent against the grain, use just a little shaving cream, change blades every three months) but bless her for trying.” /u/HydroV2

“My mom didn’t exactly know what was going on either, but we figured it out together. I had to use a new pump razor intended for legs because we didn’t have anything else.” /u/J-Entalman13

“My dad would tame the wilderness on his face every now and then, but I’ve never seen him without a full beardhe’s shaved only once since he was 17, and my mom begged him to never do it again. So needless to say, she’s the one who taught me how to shave.” /u/Ondaii

“My dad was on deployment when it was time for my first shave, so my mom took me to an old-school barber. The two of them walked me through how to shave with a straight blade.” /u/coraon

“My mom taught me to shave so I could get rid of my horrible teenage mustache.” /u/songoftheeclipse

“My mom actually taught me really well—I learned to shave quickly and without any nicks in no time at all. Apparently, she learned how to shave a man’s face from her grandfather—she still has his safety razor and a badger hair brush lying around somewhere.” David