Nearly Half of Men Never Use Any Product in Their Hair

Why are so many men going au naturale? And for those who are using products, which ones are they choosing?


Despite the reputation of the modern man—a guy who spends 81 minutes per day obsessing over his appearance—it seems that for many dudes, the natural look is still king. In a recent survey we conducted, 46 percent of the men we spoke to told us that they never use any kind of product in their hair. Even taking into account that 22% of those men were either bald or kept their hair very closely cropped, that’s still a lot of men who are happy to stick with what nature gave them.

At least, that’s one explanation. The other, of course, is that some men are getting such amazing haircuts that they don’t need to add product. We learned recently that as many as 4% of guys like to get their hair cut more than once a week, so maybe that’s the answer? If you are doing this, of course, be sure to know what you’re getting by understanding what the real difference is between a $20 haircut and a $60 haircut.

As for those who do use product, gel is still far and away the most popular, with 40% of men slicking back with the gooey gunk. The trend towards products we thought had peaked in the 80s doesn’t end there: The next two most popular were hairspray and mousse, at 27% and 13% respectively. Assorted creams, fibers, pastes and clays made up the rest, with a few choosing to mix and match (hair cocktails are a thing, you know).

Trends aside, what really matters is what works best for you. Bad hair days, despite sounding like a joke, can have a serious effect on men’s psychological well-being—even more so than with women—so if mixing up gel and mousse ends up looking great and making your day better, then you just go right ahead.