Nearly a Quarter of Men Trim Their Nails by Biting Them

There are two really good reasons why you should not do this, and both of them are gross.


As you’d expect, a lot of dudes use nail clippers to trim their nails—86%* of them in fact. But there are also a lot of men out there who are either feeling way too stressed, or just unable to break out of bad childhood habits, with 23% of the men we surveyed admitting to still biting their nails. But is that such a bad thing? Yes. Yes, it is. Quite apart from the number of germs you’re sticking in your mouth when you do this—especially considering how many men don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom—according to experts, biting your fingernails puts you at a higher risk of developing warts on your fingers, and no one wants that.

Far fewer women admitted to this bad habit—only 12%—but predictably, many more women told us they get manicures (32%, compared to just 2% of men). Women were also more likely to use a nail file (51% compared to 20%) and were almost twice as likely to pick their nails (11% compared to 6%).

One final note: This survey assumes that everyone involved was talking about their fingernails, and in the case of those 23% who like to bite, we certainly hope so. But don’t forget to keep those toenails in check too, even if they don’t—for reasons we still don’t understand—grow as fast as their finger-based cousins.

*The chart adds up to more than 100% because people were allowed to choose more than one option. Science!