And Now: Haikus About Football Commercials


Welcome to Pop Culture Haikus, where we let you know what happened this week in television, film and music in the style of short-form Japanese poetry. In a world of tl;dr, there’s no quicker way to the “get it.”

Honey, would you like
Some chocolate? You’re looking
A bit Machete.
For dragon slaying include
Smithing nerd boners

Your doctor says stop
Eating Mac D’s. But how else
Will Mom know you care?
If you like boobs then
Gosh, I guess you’ll like Carl’s
Jr. sex burger.
Want to be PacMan?
Lost in a maze with ghosts of
Your past? Drink Bud Light!
Moral is: Gross man,
Using processed cheese on corn,
For sure gets no sex.

Kim’s butt just takes up
That much data. T-Mobile
Is her only hope.


Haikus composed by DSC resident poet Brian Sonia-Wallace.