Pants Cologne and Zombie Animals: Everything You Missed This Week


In case you’re just checking in for the first time this week, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best stories from the last few days for you to peruse. We know, we know, we’re amazing.

Ouch: 5% of Men Still Spray Cologne “Downstairs” (Survey)


We spoke to a dermatologist about why you definitely shouldn’t be putting cologne or antiperspirant anywhere near that area, and found out how many men do nothing at all to keep things fresh in their underpants.

Adulting Through the Ages


With “adulting” now very much a thing, we took a look at what being an adult has historically meant to people. Turns out, most of today’s adults have it pretty easy by comparison…

Podcast: Animal Zombies!


In this installment of I Learned A Thing In The Bathroom, we discover a world of terrifying, brain-controlling fungus, a fly that makes wasps bury themselves alive, and a barnacle that forces crabs to change sex. This is not going to be pretty.

Help Me Dress Myself: Getting Your Button-Down Shirt to Look Good


The latest installment of our “Help Me Dress Myself” column looks at sleeves, tucking, how many buttons you should leave undone, and more tips and tricks for getting your shirt to look the way you want it to. In other words, not like this.

Ye Olde Grooming Disasters: Mouse Eyebrows


Did you know that women used to shave off their eyebrows and replace them with the pelts of freshly skinned mice? It’s true, and we have the 300-year-old poetry to prove it.