Road Trippin'


Toss your bags in the hatchback and get out of town, because August is almost over and your boss is calling. There’s arguably no better ‘Murican summer vacation than the cross-country road tripopen pavement, truck-stop waffles and a 12-hour playlist. Don’t know where to go exactly? There’s no shame in looking to pop culture for inspiration. These famous road trips should cure even the most intense cases of wanderlust:


On the Road (Part I) – Jack Kerouac: If Sal Paradise can make his way around America with fifty bucks and a single pair of Mexican huaraches, anyone can. Not to mention he covered some serious ground: New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Indiana and back to New Jersey. So if you’re committed to the long haul, turn up your jazz playlist and pull out your journal—you know, for your poetry, man.


I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash: When in doubt, go everywhere. Johnny Cash did it. If you’re planning on retracing his steps, there’s only one rule: you have start start in Winnemucca, the only incorporated city in Humboldt county Nevada. From there, just start driving in any direction and you’ll be on your way—you are going everywhere, after all.


Easy Rider – Dennis Hopper: Don your hippest star-spangled leather and slip on your helmet, because we’re biking from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Speed through the Death Valley heat, weave through the plateaus of Monument Valley, and pick up a hitchhiker in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Just don’t smuggle any drugs over the border to fund your trip—that’s not, shall we say, strictly legal.