Calf Implants and Everything Else You Can Buy With Bitcoin


Think Bitcoin is just the currency of internet criminals who stalk the dark web for porn, weapons and subscription drugs? Think again. Today, you can purchase almost anything with Bitcoin—from the super basic (Home Depot gift cards) to the super lavish (a Tesla Roadster).

A Little Piece of Romania. BitPremier, “the Bitcoin Luxury Marketplace,” is filled with vintage cars and property listings that can be had with Bitcoin, including a new 28-unit Romanian apartment building. The asking price for the gleaming, post-Soviet bloc structure is 15,066 Bitcoin, or nearly $5.8 million. (In recent months, the USD-Bitcoin exchange rate has hovered around $400 to 1 Bitcoin.)

Curbside Service. Uber isn’t the only livery service at the head of the new economy. New Jersey’s A Class Limousine accepts Bitcoin for fares to Newark Airport. (The typical $58 per hour cost equalling .15 Bitcoin.) If you want to drive yourself, the website CoinFueled will turn your Bitcoin into pre-paid gas cards to every major gas station (Phillips 66, Conoco and Mobil among them).

Up in Smoke. Pick up an eighth of your favorite herbal remedy through Colorado’s ZaZZZ vending machine for .13 Bitcoin, the equivalent of $50.

King for A Day. The Sacramento Kings sells its officially licensed merchandise via Bitcoin. A trio of #15 jerseys—the number of the Kings star player Demarcus Cousins—runs .7793 Bitcoin (or $299).

The Gold Standard. Own a bunch of Bitcoin but not convinced it’s got the legs to go the distance? Exchange it at American Bullion for one of the oldest forms of currency around—gold! Only 3.18 Bitcoin ($1,219) per ounce.

Child’s Pay. Finance (almost) the entirety of your children’s education, starting with preschool at New York City’s Explore + Discover Early Learning Center, where classes cost 7.299 Bitcoin per week (or $2,791), and finishing up with a bachelor’s degree at King’s College (41.53 Bitcoin, or $15,950, per semester).

Pay Through the Nose. Those calf implants you’ve always wanted? Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami will pump your lower legs full of silicon for Bitcoin. The same goes for the other elective procedures they perform—namely, breast implants, liposuction and nose jobs. The pricing varies, but it’s typically somewhere between 7.805 Bitcoin and 26.02 Bitcoin (or $3,000-$10,000).

Rocket Man. Always a pioneer, Virgin accepts Bitcoin for its upcoming Virgin Galactic space flights. But you’ll need to start hoarding it now as a roundtrip flight checks in at 650 Bitcoin (or about a quarter of a million dollars).

photo credit: BTC Keychain