Rompecabeza: Double Down

Kitchen equipment is weird, man. Turkey basters have those big bulbs, whisks look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi flick and colanders… let’s not even start. But hey, whatever it takes to make a proper meal. Anyway, put on your apron because you’re going to need it for this week’s head-scratcher:

Can you identify these kitchen tools based only on their pairs of double letters?


Check back next week for the answer.


First thing you had to do to solve last week’s puzzle was understand that the Roman numerals were stand-ins for numbers related to each of the classroom items. The second key to the puzzle was figuring out how the connection between each number and its respective item. If you converted “apple,” for example, into the numbers each letter corresponds to in the order it falls in the alphabet, and then add up all the values, you get your answer. So then if you do the same for “ruler,” and then reconvert into Roman numerals, you get: