Should I Shave Before or After Skincare?

Trick question: Shaving is skincare. Here’s to do it all correctly.


The idea that shaving is part of a skincare routine might sound counterintuitive: When you think of skincare, you think about exfoliating and moisturizing and stuff, while shaving is about taking a razor to lop off your facial hair. But you use products before shaving to make it easier, and products after shaving to soothe your face. It’s all skincare, my friend.

With that in mind, here’s what your regimen should ideally look like. Start by getting in a warm shower and, while the water softens your bristles, use some exfoliating Prep Scrub to clear dirt and dead skin cells off your face: This’ll help the razor glide more smoothly, helping to avoid cuts (not getting cut is kinda the ultimate in skincare, right?)

When you’re done, lather up your face (may we recommend our brand new Shave Gel, with its added lubrication to help stop that shower-fresh skin from drying out?) Then use a clean razor and shave with the grain — going against it will get you a closer shave, but at the cost of irritating your skin and maybe giving yourself razor rash

Once you’re done, rehydrate your face to soothe the raw feeling left by shaving. If you have facial hair, hit it with some beard oil to keep it soft and healthy. Finally, pat yourself on the back — what we just described might have sounded like a regular old shaving session, but in actual fact, you just cared the hell out of your skin!