The Best Gift for Every Body Part

From head to hinder, Dollar Shave Club has your holiday shopping covered… literally.


The Body Part: Hair
The Gift: Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, which is why a giant industry has arisen around making it look as good as possible. Healthy hair means cleaning, hydrating and conditioning it first. Afterward, you can shape your ‘do to the style and shine so when people notice it, they notice it looks spectacular.
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The Body Part: Face
The Gift: Although it may sound like an oxymoron, faces are a pain in the butt. They are constantly producing oil that causes acne and collects dirt (which helps cause more acne). When it isn’t gushing like an oil field, it could be rough, cracked and dry as the desert. People can’t use any old cleanser to take care of this disaster area — it needs to be formulated specifically for faces to keep them looking good (instead of awful).
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The Body Part: Eyes
The Gift: If there’s any part of you that’s going to show the wearying effects of this past year, it’s going to be your eyes. After all, they’re the window to the soul, and there are very few souls that got enough sleep in 2020, metaphorically speaking. The next best thing you can do is smooth away some of those new-found eye wrinkles with a good, moisturizing eye cream.
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The Body Part: Beard
The Gift: It’s winter, so men would be rocking beards to keep their faces warm even if they weren’t the fashionable facial hair of 2020. But good beards aren’t grown, they’re made with thorough preparation, vigorous cleaning, careful grooming and post-shave care. Trust us. We know.
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The Body Part: Mouth
The Gift: Has someone you’ve known ever inadvertently found themselves with someone else under the mistletoe, leaned forward to get their smooch, only to discover their partner has run in horror from his disgusting maw of a mouth? It takes the right tools — specifically, a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss — for them to smooch confidentially. And nice lips, too!
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The Body Part: Body
The Gift: Cleaning your torso is a lot like washing your car: To do it right takes a lot of time and the right products — skimp on either and you shouldn’t have bothered. Getting rid of the days’ sweat and grime is good, but why be satisfied with returning to normal when you can make your body and skin so much better by hydrating it, restoring it and making it smell good? Hell, you’re only in your car for a small portion of the day. You live in your body all the damn time.
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The Body Part: Armpits
The Gift: It’s time to face facts. We all have armpits, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Until technology provides us with techno-pits that never get sweaty or sticky, we’ll have to keep using deodorants and antiperspirants that keep our underarms dry and smelling fresh. Of course, some options are better than others, naturally.
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The Body Part: Hands
The Gift: The crappy thing about winter — well, one of the many crappy things about winter — is how it leaves hands dry, cracked and in pain, especially when we find ourselves having to wash them so often. A good hand cream will help take care of all of this. A great hand cream will help take care of it without leaving a greasy residue that gets all over your keyboard or makes it hard to hold a pen.
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The Body Part: Nether Regions
The Gift: No matter how cold it is outside, men can always manage to produce a moist, stinky bog in their underpants. It is our curse to be Swamp Crotch Things, but there are ways to break the curse. A few spritzes of the right body spray can drain the moisture, prevent chafing, and not only remove the smell but replace it with something better. Maybe something…peppermint-y?
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The Body Part: Butt
The Gift: Maybe not everyone is going to be thrilled to find adult wipes in their stocking, let alone under the Christmas tree. But there will come a day, a day of crisis, when they discover that pack of soothing, calming, minty-fresh butt wipes is the greatest gift they have ever received.
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