The Right Way to Cheat on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us fail miserably when it comes to achieving those lofty January goals — but there are ways to cheat without actually blowing everything.


You resolved to read more, budget better, eat healthier and exercise more frequently, but only three weeks into the new year, the boring books, countless lentils and your perpetually throbbing thighs have you seriously considering reverting back to your old, unhealthy and much more chill ways. 

But hold your horses: Rather than giving up completely, taking a little break here and there could help you keep to your resolutions without going completely insane. You have to be careful about being too carefree, of course, lest you turn back into a grease monster, but check out the advice below for some tips on responsibly cheating on your resolutions. It’s one way of convincing yourself you’re doing something useful, right?

Bamboozle Your Book Club
So you’ve resolved to read more this year but can’t get past “Call me Ishmael?” To your brain, listening is basically the same as reading, so fire up an audiobook instead — for an experienced reader, the level of comprehension is nearly identical. Grab your headphones and before long, you’ll have conquered that white whale without ever turning a page. Hell, you can even workout while listening, killing two annoying birds with one less annoying stone.

Spend Some Green for a Getaway
Saving money is important, but there are some things you shouldn’t feel bad about spending money on — one of those is a vacation. “Along with lowering your risk for all kinds of nasty health problems, it can be a great way to revitalize yourself and increase motivation to accomplish your ‘real-life’ endeavors,” says Andrew Fiebert of Listen Money Matters. If money is a real concern, you can take a do-nothing day on your vacation to take advantage of the free drinks at your all-inclusive resort (or at least the continental breakfast at your motel), rather than spending on pricey excursions.

Binge on Bacon
Want to lose weight without resorting to eating healthy? Try the “Dirty Keto” diet. You have to follow the keto guidelines of 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein and 5 percent carbs, but you basically eat the same crap you did in college, minus the bread and sugar (bunless bacon-double cheeseburger, anyone?). Sadly, just like regular keto, there are health concerns such as heart disease and gut problems associated with the diet. In which case, this should only be a temporary fix, not a new, bacon-wrapped way of life. Sorry.