These Are the Best Foods to Cool You Down

Who needs air conditioning when you have watermelon ice cubes?


If your air conditioner is maxed out and fans are blasting you from every direction, welcome to the club. But to truly beat this extreme heat, consider also cooling yourself down from the inside with these chilling but tasty food recommendations from international chefs. 

Chef Ana Lopez Marin from Seville, Spain: Temperatures in the south of Spain often reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Much of our year is spent having meals that are fulfilling, but still cool you off in the heat of the summer. It’s one reason why we eat our dinners so late. 

Many people know about gazpacho, our cold soup made with tomatoes, but not many know about the many varieties of gazpacho: We have cucumber gazpacho, melon gazpacho — all are a perfect way to cool down and enjoy summer produce. And if you’ve never tried ajoblanco, it’s fabulous. This “white gazpacho” is made with bread, almonds and garlic, and has a mellow flavor using pantry staples — perfect for when it’s even too hot to visit the market!

Chef Lucia Calmell del Solar Malpartida from Lima, Peru: In the summer, you’ll find Peruvians who live along the coast at the sea in our fabulous fish markets. And that can mean only one thing: Ceviche! This citrus-cooked dish is a perfect way to cool down from the heat — no cooking involved. You must try nikkei ceviche. The flavors of nikkei ceviche marry Japanese and Peruvian cultures, flavors important to our country, which were introduced to Peru in the 1800s with Japanese immigrants.

Chef Leah Brady from California: I personally really like freezing fruit and eating that as a nice cool-off snack — blueberries, grapes, raspberries. You can also cut watermelon into cubes to freeze and use as ice cubes for beverage infusions. Herbs like peppermint also have a cooling effect, so adding some to your water or lemonade helps.

You basically want stuff that contains a lot of water, so mainly fruits and vegetables. I’ve read that high-protein foods aren’t good for cooling off, so you want to stay away from things like fried chicken, eggs and steak. Also, caffeine and alcohol can raise your body temperature.