Over a Third of Men Don't Always Wash Their Hands After Urinating

A doctor explains why it's so important to wash your hands after a trip to the restroom.


It’s easy to think washing your hands after a trip to the restroom is optional—after all, you only touched your own body parts in there, right? But one of our recent surveys showed that less than two-thirds of men consistently wash their hands after peeing, which is a shockingly low number. For those still in doubt, let’s ask the question once and for all: Do we need to wash our hands after urinating?

According to Mercy Medical Center’s Dr. Michael Zimring, the answer is a resounding yes: “If you don’t take the opportunity to wash your hands, you’re going to end up spreading the germs you’ve picked up throughout the day to everyone and everything.” Not to mention that restroom surfaces (including door handles) are home to thousands of species of bacteria that are aching to turn your hands into a raging germ fest. If that doesn’t having you running for the soap, perhaps Zimring’s next explanation will help convince you.

“If you get fecal matter on your hands while you’re in the bathroom, you can get E.coli,” Zimring says, referring to a dangerous bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, kidney failure and even death. But how likely are you to get feces on your hands without even sitting on the toilet? Turns out, really likely. Simply flushing the toilet can send dookie comets flying up to six feet, meaning most restrooms are a literal poop chamber. So rather than croaking because you didn’t wash your hands—the absolute lamest way to die—take 20 seconds to clean your mitts. If anything, your hands will smell a whole lot better.