Over a Third of Men Pay $10 or Less to Get Their Hair Cut

Our latest survey shows that for most guys, there are more important things to spend money on than the barber.


In a recent survey we conducted, we found that 35 percent of the guys we spoke with pay $10 or less for a haircut—namely because 29 percent are paying nothing at all. On the other end of the spectrum, a mere one percent of men are dishing out over $50 to have their locks chopped (meanwhile, a whopping 24 percent of women pay over $50 per haircut). Which begs the question: Are more than a third of men sporting crummy haircuts, or is that one percent overpaying for a cut they could get for a tenner? While the answer isn’t totally clear—a haircut’s worth depends on the barber and the person wearing it, after all—DSC’s resident stylist Cleve McMillan claims that a $60 haircut can have its perks.

If Cleve’s vision of a $60 haircut lives up to his expectations, it may very well be worth the money, and not just because it looks nice. A 2000 study found that having a good hair day can boost a person’s self-esteem and even give them an edge in workplace politics, while having a bad hair day left men feeling more nervous, less confident and more inclined to be antisocial. Paying $60 for a raise and a little extra confidence is a sweet deal, after all.

Of course, if you feel great with the haircut you have while paying nothing, we’d call that a big win, too. However much you decide to spend on a haircut, get the most out of it by following our “Step Into the Chair” column, where Cleve answers all your hair-related questions.