Three Cool Looks For Your Huge Winter Beard

Beard, meet fashion.


Your winter beard — if you grew one — has probably reached peak fluffiness, especially if you started early in quarantine. But that’s just the first step towards achieving your desired look: Now that you have a beard, you have to put together outfits that suit it. To make that easier, we asked LA-based stylist Rayne Parvis to share a few beard-friendly looks from her massive wardrobe. Here’s what she came up with:

The Casual Bearded Look
“A T-shirt (or sweater), jeans and leather jacket combine to create an effortlessly chic look that allows your beard the spotlight by downplaying your outfit as a casual, everyday look,” Parvis explains. “You’ll look like you woke up and rolled right out of bed, like the super cool dude you are.” Yeah, you.

The Business Casual Bearded Look
“A button-down, blazer (or sports coat), pocket square and dark denim jeans all pair well with a beard,” Parvis says. “In this case, it’s about balancing out the unkemptness of your bushy beard with an outfit that’s polished and put together.” Remember, you want your beard to look purposeful — not like you just forgot to shave for six months (even if that’s what really happened).

The Formal Bearded Look
“When it comes to style, I always love to throw in an element of surprise,” Parvis emphasizes. “When we think of a man in a suit and tie, a bushy beard wouldn’t seem to fit in — but that’s the surprise. This look is the opposites attract style.” Simply throw on a sharp suit and tie, and your beard will do the rest.

Now hopefully we can go outside soon so you can show off your new looks.