Apparently, Less Than Two Thirds of Men Shower Once a Day

Some even claim to shower once per week... or less.


According to a recent survey we undertook, a surprising number of dudes are still not down with the daily shower. Nearly 40 percent of the guys we spoke to said they don’t shower once a day, with 15 percent preferring every other day, and a freakishly extra clean 12 percent showering more than once a day.

We also found that cold showers, despite their legendary status as effective quashers of passion and wakers-up of sleepy-heads, are not something most dudes ever consider taking—just 4 percent of the men surveyed said they would actually shower in cold water. Terrible as they sound, however, you might want to consider turning down the heat a little: Exposing your body to hot water too often can strip away the natural oils that keep it moisturized, leading to dry, flaky skin.

All of which, of course, just puts off talking about those who shower even less than every other day. 9 percent admitted to showering “every few days,” while a defiant 2 percent claimed to shower once a week—or less. Surprisingly, dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani says that this won’t do you any harm, but advises that you “scrub away old skin cells and unclog your pores once in a while.” Or just take a bath, you filthy animal.