DSC Member: Tommy Strazza, The Acoustics in His Car Are Perfect


The world has a right to know how amazingly awesome Dollar Shave Club members are. So every Monday, we spotlight one of them to give you a peek into their awesomeness. This week, we’re profiling Tommy Strazza, an aspiring folk singer/songwriter who recorded his latest album, Songs From the Escape, in the backseat of his—what else?—2003 Ford Escape. Listen its first track, “The First Time,” below and then check out Tommy’s ultimate Spotify playlist—a mix of Prince, Pearl Jam and Hendrix—here.

Q: When was the moment you knew you wanted to become a rock god?

A: The day I bought Rock and Roll Over by KISS.

Q: What’s the one song you could listen to for the rest of your life and not drive you insane?

A: Corduroy by Pearl Jam

Q: Describe your pre-show ritual.

A: Rice, beans and broccoli. I also play “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock It” by Spinal Tap as soon as I pick up the guitar.

Q: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

A: Dave by a hair.

Q: How far can you flick your guitar pick?

A: Farther and faster than Luke Skywalker when he was trying to take out womp rats with his T-16 back home.


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