Stache Stencils: Try Before You Fly!

Mustaches are back in a big way. But before you jet off to grow your own, here’s some handy top lip tips.

stache stencils

The adrenalin! The speed! The excitement! Truly, nothing in life compares to the thrill of growing a mustache. “But wait!” I hear you cry. “Doesn’t growing myself a fine mustache require years of intense training, and possibly some important life lessons about personal responsibility?” Well…no, honestly? Not sure where you got that idea from. But you could certainly use some guidance if this is your first stache, so allow us to be your wingman on this hairy journey.

First up, is a mustache definitely right for you? Only you can make that decision, but to make it easier, we’ve created some fine virtual mustaches for you to try out, which you can find over on our Insta. If you’ve already made up your mind, then make the job easier on yourself by printing out these stencils and shaving around them.

That last one might be a little tricky to pull off, but man, just imagine if you did, it would be amazing.

Not ready for stencils yet? Well, here’s a little mustache-shaping advice that you can apply to pretty much any style you want to try. 

Step #1: Prep the Runway
Trim your whole stache with a pair of electric clippers set to the longest setting (or whatever your preferred length is) to get all the hairs on your top lip to a single, uniform length.

Step #2: Throttle Down
Turn off that clipper and check the edges of your mustache: They should extend just half an inch beyond the corners of your mouth, unless you’re going for something like a biker/pro-wrestler horseshoe mustache (if you are, check our guide to growing five epic mustache styles for more advice). Use a razor to shave any hairs growing further towards your cheeks.

Step #3: Punch Out
Okay, no more cutting or trimming! Simply brush the mustache hairs upward using a small mustache comb and trim any stray hairs left hanging over your upper lip, using a pair of grooming scissors.

And that’s it! You now have a mustache that will take people’s breath away.