We Got You: The DSC FAQ

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


Here at Dollar Shave Club, we get asked a lot of questions about grooming and a whole bunch of other things, too, all of which we’re delighted to answer (well, mostly — you know who you are, and you know what you asked). You might have seen some of those questions pop up in our recent commercial, but not wanting to leave you empty-handed, we’re now going to give you the answers to those very questions. Because we’re nice like that!

What’s the Right Razor?
Our 4 Blade vs 6 Blade Razor Starter Set will let you take both cartridges out for a test drive on your face, so try them both and decide for yourself! Now in a store near you.

Should I Get Laser?
It really depends on how much you hate shaving — laser hair removal is purely a cosmetic procedure, and as such it would take a miracle to get medical insurance to cover it. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin that tends to get irritated or break out after shaving, or if your back looks like an angora sweater and you don’t have a pal interested in shaving you once a week, a few well-placed lasers could save you a lot of grief.

Do I Wear Too Much Cologne?
Let’s put it this way: It is rare that someone is wearing too little cologne. Very little cologne goes a very long way: All you want is a dab on your neck, your wrists and your collarbones. Subtlety is the key — you want people to think, “He smells good,” and not, “He smells like he’s wearing cologne,” or especially, “Oh my God I can’t breathe.”

Should I Shave My Thinning Dome?
If you’re going bald, it’s not the worst idea — it’s been a long time since there’s been any stigma to shaved heads, thanks to the golden age of bald action movie stars we live in. If you’re already balding, shaving your head can help you look younger, but before you grab those clippers, take a look at the best way to shave that noggin.

Can You Fix My Swampy Zone?
Oh boy, we live to fix your swampy zone! Sure, that’s a super-weird thing to live for, but we’re just so darn good at it — look at our Ball Spray! One easy application helps keep your nether-regions moisture-free, odor-free and chafe-free all day long. And if you need a little freshening up later in the day? Well, we live for that too.

I’ve Become My Dad, I’m Like His Clone
Aging is inevitable, and there’s nothing you can do about it — but there’s plenty you can do to keep looking young (or at least, younger than your dad). Regularly moisturizing your skin helps your face retain its hydration and elasticity, which in turn lessens those pesky wrinkles and lines. Using a moisturizer with SPF, meanwhile, will help protect you from the sun damage that makes your skin look and feel leathery. Take that, dad!

What Happened to My College Pecs?
They, uh, went to that nice farm upstate, where they could run around and play with all the other chest muscles? Alas, as we age, our muscles deteriorate in a process called sarcopenia, which is Greek for the highly evocative but incredibly disturbing “flesh poverty.” After middle age, our bodies start to pay less attention to the growth hormones that maintain the muscles that kept our chests so strong and beefy. Unfortunately, we do not offer gene therapy to reverse the aging process at a cellular level (and if we did, frankly that would be even weirder than our obsession with fixing your swampy zone).

What’s With This Freaking Turkey Neck?
Remember how we mentioned our muscles deteriorating with age, like, two sentences ago? Those muscles include the ones that keep our neck skin taut, so as the years pass, the skin sags lower and lower. There’s a variety of expensive procedures to combat this unavoidable side effect of growing old, including “neck lift” surgery and Botox. But your best bet may be to just avoid shirts with tight collars.

Is It Okay to Cry Like Niagara Falls?
Of course it is, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Scientists believe crying has a whole host of benefits, whether you’re sobbing because you’re happy, sad, scared, or stressed. Crying releases endorphins, neurochemicals produced by the nervous system that make you feel happy — or, if you’re tremendously sad, help you reach that post-cry numbness that helps dull physical and emotional pain. Crying helps you regain your emotional equilibrium, effectively letting off psychological steam. Plus, sometimes you get some dust in your eye. It’s all fine!

How Often Should I Check My Balls?
If you’re below the age of 55, once a month. No jokes here — according to Johns Hopkins University, one in 270 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer every year. And if you think you’re too young to get it, you could not be more wrong: Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men between the ages of 20 and 40, with the average age being 33. You can read all about how to give yourself a self-exam here, but if you find something, don’t panic right away! Testicular cancer has a 95 percent survival rate, but only if you go see your urologist ASAP — seriously guys, you cannot put off making that doctor’s appointment.