Weekly Rompecabeza: Fill in the Missing Number


We’re going back to Algebra 1 in this week’s rompecabeza. The puzzle below requires a bit of what you (hopefully?) still remember from high school math. You know, adding, subtracting, exponentiation—all that fun stuff.

The number in the bottom circle of each pattern can be determined through a combination of mathematical operations involving the other three numbers.


Need a hint? You can find one at the bottom of the page. Check back next Friday for the answer,



The answer to last week’s puzzle had nothing to do with the physical ability or appearance of any of the players. Duh. Actually, Joe has a thing for names. Nicknames, to be exact, which is why he’s chosen Chris. Sneaky, huh?


Hint to this week’s puzzle: You’ll need to square a number, cube a number, add and subtract. But not necessarily in that order.

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