Weekly Rompecabeza: Let's Play a Game


This week in PuzzleLand we harken back to every kid’s favorite 15 to 45 minutes of the school day—recess. A simpler time. A time when you were free, free to pull the hair of the girl or boy you liked, free to play in the mud, and free to assert your playground dominance in a little game called kickball.

Like little Joe here. Joe’s gotta assemble the best kickball team in all the land—who’s he going to pick?


Need a hint? You can find one at the bottom of the page. Check back next Friday for the answer!


Question_EVIL (1)

This puzzle is a frame game, which means in order to solve it you need to think literally about the words provided to come up with a commonly used phrase or title.

In our version you have two variations on the same word: evil and EVIL. The lowercase evil is by nature smaller than the uppercase EVIL. Thinking literally, the commonly used phrase then must be:


Hint to this week’s puzzle: Who Joe picks has nothing to do with physical looks or ability.

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