Weekly Rompecabeza: What Comes After Table?


DSC members are among the smartest people in the world. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be smarter. With the help of our friends at American Mensa, DSC is proud to bring you weekly Rompecabezas (Spanish for “head breakers”) to boost your IQ into the thermosphere. 

Another week, another rompecabeza. Today’s puzzle is all about figuring out what word comes next in the sequence. No, it’s not gym, tan, or laundry.

Question_inblog_legal (1)

Check back next Friday for the answer!


Start by changing the N in GREEN to a D to get GREED. Change the G to a T to get TREED, the D to an S to get TREES, one of the E’s to another S to get TRESS, the T to a C to get CRESS, the second E to an A to get CRASS, and finally change the C to a G to get Grass. Only 7 steps!