Weekly Rompecabeza: What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Clowns?


This week’s puzzle is a frame game, so the key to solving it is to think literally. About evil. No, not about evil clowns, though you couldn’t be blamed for doing so. Clowns certainly are evil.

Think about it: You’re walking alone on a deserted street at night. You see a shape, standing on a distant street corner. Is that a clown? With the floppy shoes, the red nose and the dead eyes? Yup, and he’s staring right at you. Now, you’re saying you wouldn’t run like the dickens in the opposite direction?


Question_EVIL (1)

Need a hint? You’ll find one at the bottom of this post. Check back next Friday for the answer!


Question_inblog_cowboy (1)

This puzzle doesn’t need an explanation, other than that you needed to have used each letter once to figure out the answer:

ANSWER_inblog_cowboy (1)

Just like at the end of Shane. Shane! Come back!

Hint to this week’s puzzle: The “evil” you need to focus on is the lowercase “evil.” How does it compare to it’s uppercase twin?

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