Weekly Rompecabeza: What's The Number In the Pie?


DSC members are among the smartest people in the world. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be smarter. With the help of our friends at American Mensa, DSC is proud to bring you weekly Rompecabezas (Spanish for “head breakers”) to boost your IQ into the thermosphere. 

This week’s rompecabeza has everything to do with pies. Actually, no, it doesn’t. But we were having trouble coming up with a more interesting illustration than just boring circles, so we went with pies. Because pies are round—and delicious.

Question_inblog_PIENeed a hint? Here’s two:

Hint 1: Multiplication is required.

Hint 2: You’ll need to add stuff.

Check back next Friday for the answer!


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