What the Heck Is Eye Cream, Anyway?

And what do I even do with a cream solely dedicated to my eyes?


Let’s have a little talk about eye cream, which will make a nice change from us talking about stuff like eye gunk. Eye cream can help rescue your under-eye zone from looking dark and puffy, nudging it towards refreshed, invigorated and just plain satisfying to look at, so we want to discuss how it works and why you can benefit from a cream dedicated to the area below your balls — erhm, eyeballs, that is.

First of all, as esthetician Gregory Dylan explains, “The eye area is a more delicate skin and often the first area of the face to show tell-tale signs of age, in addition to other concerns, like puffiness and dark circles.” And as our very own product and skincare guru Kyle Zimmerman says, “If you’ve had a long night of working, drinking or traveling, the first place fatigue shows is in your eyes.”

In other words, your under-eye region is both hypersensitive and a window into your deeply exhausted soul, which is an unfortunate pairing. But eye cream can give that window a good, clean wiping. “To attack fine lines — or crow’s feet, as they’re often called — around the eyes, look for an eye cream with plumping ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, as well as ones to firm, like peptides or wheat protein,” Dylan says. (Hey, our Eye Savior contains hyaluronic acid and peptides! How convenient!)

“For puffiness,” Dylan continues, “try a gel-based formula with caffeine [which again, our cream has]. The cooling of the gel will reduce puffiness, while the caffeine will help reduce fluid retention. Pro tip: Keep your eye gel in the fridge, and apply a thin layer as an under-eye mask for those mornings when you need a little extra help.” (Which I need every morning, quite frankly.)

Whatever your situation — whether you spent the night working, partying or getting so much sleep that your under-eye area is swollen with joy — a little eye cream can at least help you look like you took good care of yourself. Or as Dylan says, “No single eye cream is a miracle, but daily, consistent use will help address these concerns and restore a more healthful, well-rested appearance to the eye area.” 

And considering how much attention our eye areas receive, treating them to a little cream now and then really is a no-brainer.